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Integrate MakePlans with your internal application or website

All features available in MakePlans are available via the API. It is a REST-based API with JSON. We can also send web-hooks.

API documentation

You can find our API documentation at

Customisation of the standard booking site

It is possible to customise the standard booking site using a custom CSS. In addition it is possible to customise forms and all outgoing messages using Liquid template language.

Built-in integrations

MakePlans already have a bunch of integrations built-in. Please see our integrations page for more info. In addition to our direct integrations we also have an integration with the integration platforms Zapier and Integromat which lets you integrate with other applications without coding.

Data export

We provide data export of bookings, customers and events in CSV format easily available for download.


To display appointments from MakePlans in other calendars applications we offer an iCalendar-feed which can be used in Google Calendar, Calendar for MacOS, Calendar for iOS, Android, Outlook, and other calendar applications.

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