We handle all sorts of bookings: appointments, events and classes.

Appointment booking:

Any type of profession:

Doctors, physiotherapists, massage studios, spas, hairdressers, dentists, chiropractors, or for anyone who offers services where a client needs to take an appointment.

Any type of rental:

Squash courts, meeting rooms, car rental, cabins, apartments, tennis courts or for any equipment/room you need to rent out.

Any type of arrival at a location:

Inspection, entrance to parking area or for any appointment where clients only specify when they are arriving.

Event registration:

Any type of event:

Seminar, trip, stand-up comedy, or any other event where customers need to register to attend.

Class signups:

Any type of class:

Yoga, pilates, educational classes, or any other type of class where customers need to signup to join.

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